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Betting odds means that a particular team is winning a match. In this article, we will talk about how to find online cricket betting odds. 

Every year many people try their luck in betting, but for the beginner, this betting is not always beneficial. They must know about its rules in cricket betting. It depends on the odds.


The fractional odds system mainly depends on the UK country. The odd is shown in the fraction and you can break it down into units. 

For example 7/4 fraction, if you win the bet then 7 profits are yours plus the 4 payouts, let me explain it in figures if you bet on a cricket team of Rs. 400 and you won 700 then the total payout amount is 1100. 


This method is mainly famous in Europe. It is based on a personal preference but we prefer it’s on the basis of simplicity. The formula of this method is decimal odds x bet = total payout.

Kinds of Odds 1

For Example: if India is playing against England and the odds are 2.75. if you bet rs 1000 on India and India won the match then you will receive (2.75*1000 ) 2750, so you earned a total amount of Rs. 1750.


The US has a different odds format, they use a (+) and (-) system for the notation. In other words or simple terms, the plus sign shows how much a bet will profit per 100 units whereas the minus sign indicates how much you need to bet to win 100 units. 

For example, if you show +175 and you bet on Mumbai Indians of rs 100 & that team won the match then you will receivers.  275. Rest is the same thing matter of personal preference what format you chose to view the odds. The best is the simplicity of the decimal odds system because we always found it easier to compare for the value while looking at IPL betting odds. 


The main advantage of these odds methods is that you can compare the odds to find the value on a bet you want to place. If you are really confident that which particular team won a match then you will try the most value possible for that bet.

If your odds value is higher then you can maximize your profits and be a profitable cricket bettor. 

  • Open Accounts on different betting sites. You can take this advantage when you find a better value on odds at one particular betting site on the other site. 
  • Small balance at each site. Always use a small balance on each site’s odds because sometimes odds change instantly so you may have time to transfer the amount to take advantage of that value. 

So whenever you think you need to try your luck on online cricket betting then always keep these things in mind about the odds process.