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If you are looking for a cricket fan, then India is the best place for it, most of the people here in India, are fans of cricket and people start to bet on sports and cricket. Cricket is the most popular game all over the world, this is the reason why betting is mostly done for cricket in India especially at the time of IPL, or at the international competition level. 

There are many online betting apps for different sports, or for casino games. If you are a fan of cricket then betting sites are available for cricket also. Now, the cricket betting sites are made interesting and there are added tournaments, matches, and other competitions also. This match gives bettors more chance of betting and for more money. 

Few betting sites for cricket, are world-famous and are used in all countries. You can also install this app on your phone for betting, let’s look at a few popular cricket betting sites.


PariMatch Site

This cricket betting site is very old and this site is usually for cricket betting only, this online betting site is considered as the best among all the other sites. There are reasons for this first, and the very important reason is that it offers many cricket leagues, which are ongoing live, and bettors can easily bet on it. 

This site is easy to use, has no trouble logging in or to play, also if you have any problem then you have customer service always available for you. The other benefit of it is that you have browser support with it and you can also trust this site about payment. You will not have to face any kind of trouble in payment or receiving the payment. 



BetWay is also an Indian betting app, in which one can bet on whichever sports they like. But at first when it was installed then it was mainly made for cricket. Like other apps, this also offers you many kinds of competitions, a league in cricket and everything. Also, you don’t have to take the burden of installing this app, it is very easy to install and use it. 

Along with all this, this app has one very unique and interesting feature which is a live feature, with this feature you play games live with your friends and can bet with them live. Also, this app is more interactive than any other apps, which means you will not feel bored while using this app.

As you know, India is a populated country so any kind of new business will become famous in this country rapidly.  Like betting, betting is illegal in India, so only in a few states it is allowed and most people run to those states for betting. But now online betting apps have made their life easier by making various online betting apps. In this article, I have mentioned a few online betting apps for cricket.