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Every year many popular cricket betting leagues start so before online betting you must know about these cricket tournaments. In this article, we will elaborate on it. 

Most Popular Cricket Betting Leagues

Before visiting any online betting sites you must know about the popular cricket betting leagues and markets to be on. The most popular league return will always have higher returns. So if you want to earn a good amount then this article is for you these cricket leagues play a vital role in the cricket betting strategy. 

ICC Cricket World Cup 

World cup in which every country participates and this is the biggest tournament in the world of cricket. ICC cricket world cup takes place every four years. Only those teams will be entered in this tournament who are associated with the international cricket council and those who have higher rank will qualify automatically. 

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The first world cup took place in 1975 and the next world cup is set in 2023 and the whole tournament will take place in India. This tournament has to increase the chances of betting and winning during this prestigious tournament. 

ICC T20 World Cup 

The other top tournament in cricket is the ICC T20 World cup. In this tournament, almost 16 countries participated. This tournament took place in 2007 and it is also held after 4 years. The next T20 world cup tournament will be held in Australia. So make your betting strategy before this tournament takes place. 

ICC Champions Trophy 

The ICC Champion trophy is also known as the mini world cup and this tournament should not be missed by any cricket fan. This was first held in 1998 and established by the International cricket council. It also takes place every four years. It is played as a one-day international game.

The next trophy will be held this year if there are no more covid cases. In it, 13 teams will take place and play against each other.  

Indian Premier League

The most popular league in India is the IPL and this tournament is held every year. The most talented team will take the trophy. Only those players enter this game whose market value and performance in previous matches are good. Every year many people do online betting on this league. The Betfair online cricket betting odds are best for online betting in this game 

Always follow cricket’s latest news to know everything so this thing will help you to earn a good reward through online betting. To make sure you are ahead of fellow cricket bettors, keep your eyes open for the latest IPL news.

Quick Cricket Betting Guide

If you want to do successful betting on cricket then you should know everything about it. You must know how betting works, what types of bets can be placed. First, you must know about the cricket odds. If you have brief knowledge about it then you can earn good rewards along with it and always check cricket scores.