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It has been plenty of years since online gambling websites have started providing services in various nations. Still, people are not sure about their authenticity and fair play practices because of different fake and harmful websites that fraud people with their money in gambling games and casinos. This mainly happens because most people are unaware of the various terminologies and factors determining whether the website is genuine.

Firstly, you need to know that all authentic casino and betting websites have to get licensed to conduct the practice of gambling and provide a platform to the public. This license is only issued after a complete inspection of the website’s website and software programs for the purpose. Even after the license is issued, they are timely inspected and regulated for any unethical activity if exercised.

Trusted Cricket Betting Sites In India And Their Promotion

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The Indian government has also legalized online sports betting, and since then, people have shown active participation in this because of various benefits related to it. People use only licensed websites and mobile applications for placing their bets on a sports match. Many sports personalities are also promoting these platforms and encouraging people to play bets openly. One does not have to reach out to a local bookie now for placing bets.

Now, all you need is to visit the website or open the mobile application where you find a universal artificial bookmaker who is always ready to take your bets, provide all details about the odds, match details with live scoring, etc. This way, you can experience multiple benefits and also make and receive payments from your device itself.

How To Place Your First Cricket E-Bet?

Placing a cricket bet online is pretty straightforward and similar to betting at the traditional local bookmaker. But if you are new to sports betting, you don’t have to worry about it; let us simplify the process for you. We are expecting that you have an account on any cricket betting website already. However, the terms and features may vary from platform to platform, but the general idea is almost the same everywhere.

  • Open the betting section of your website after logging in to your account.
  • Look for the sports and the event that you are willing to place a bet on.
  • Choose your bet, choose the amount you want to bet, and check for the odds.
  • Once you are satisfied with the odds and other terms and conditions, you can place the bet.

How To Make An Account On The Betting Platforms

Creating an account on a cricket gambling platform is also very easy, and you can also save energy by choosing to sign up with popular social media accounts like Google or Facebook. Or else follow the basic guideline for filling the personal details form on the website to provide you with the username and password at the end of the process.

Money Deposit Process For Placing Bets 

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For betting purposes, you will need to deposit real money in the casino wallet, which can be later used to place bets quickly. For this purpose, different platforms have different modes of payment available. These days you can easily make bank transfers, net banking, or UPI-based payments for betting.

You can also link your gambling account with multiple e-wallets like Paytm for faster payments and ease of payment in simple steps. It almost instantly reflects the betting wallet’s deposit amount, and you can also receive extra free credit on deposits.

Top-Rated Websites For Sports Betting In India

  • There is a BetWay website ranked at the top in many surveys so far on top of the list. This is partly because of the large client base and partly for the highest odds than any other platform.
  • One can also go for 1xBet, which is also famous for its high odds, and it has multiple native language support available, including Hindi.
  • is another highly ranked website that is fast for in-play betting games, and it also accepts bitcoins for gambling.
  • Bet365, as per the name, has everyday betting available with a large number of games and matches to bet upon. You can enjoy multiple bets easily on this platform.

These are the trusted cricket betting sites in India, but as a matter of fact, these platforms keep updating their service, introduce new services or remove others that affect the user experience. So it depends upon the individual itself that what platform they find most suitable for them.